That'll Flat Git It VOL27 - VARIOUS ARTISTS - 50's Rockabilly Comp CD, BEAR FAMILY

Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. That'll Flat Git It VOL27 - VARIOUS ARTISTS - 50's Rockabilly Comp CD, BEAR FAMILY

That'll Flat Git It VOL27 - VARIOUS ARTISTS - 50's Rockabilly Comp CD, BEAR FAMILY

That'll Flat Git It VOL27 - VARIOUS ARTISTS - 50's Rockabilly Comp CD, BEAR FAMILY

"That'll Flat Git It VOL27"

Long overdue retrospective of a forgotten West Coast label! Includes rockabilly classics by Whitey Pullen, Lonnie Barron, Jimmy Patton, Rusty York, and many more, plus the FIRST EVER recording by guitar wizard Lonnie Mack! Many songs on CD for the first time! Biographies by Colin Escott and many previously unseen photos! -- Sage & Sand Records operated from an upstairs office on Hollywood Boulevard near Capitol Records, but only scored one hit in the fifteen years it was in existence. Sage & Sand recorded an eclectic mix of hillbilly, western, and rockabilly, and the best of the rockabilly recordings are here (the best of the up-tempo country recordings are on our companion volume, 'Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight': Sage & Sand, BCD 16892). This is the sort of collection that sets collectors' hearts racing: Songs they've never heard of together with records they could never afford in one generously full package ... plus the stories and photos! What about Lonnie Barron, who called himself the 'Elvis of Muttonville,'and who was shot by a jealous husband just as his newest Sage & Sand record was becoming a hit. And what about Chuck Howard...a hard luck rockabilly singer who eventually worked with two of the Beatles Or what about Harley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt who decided to bring their teenage cousin, Lonnie Mack, to their session, never knowing that Mack would revolutionize the electric guitar -- They're all here alongside oddballs like wild men like Gene Vincent's former road manager, Whitey Pullen, or Donnie Bowser who sang blazing rockabilly from his wheelchair. Incredible stories, incredible music, incredibly restored and packaged... just like you'd expect from Bear Family.

  1. 1. Yah! I'm Movin' - Patton, Jimmy
  2. 2. Tuscaloosa Lucy - Pullen, Whitey
  3. 3. Got The Best Of Me - Bowser, Donnie
  4. 4. Walk My Way Back Home - Pullen, Whitey
  5. 5. Watcha Do To Me - Clark, Patsy
  6. 6. Four Wheel Bugalow - Morris, Jack
  7. 7. Let Me Slide - Patton, Jimmy
  8. 8. O. K. Doll, It's A Deal - King, Joannie
  9. 9. Teenage Queen - Barron, Lonnie
  10. 10. Let's All Go Wild Tonight - Pullen, Whitey
  11. 11. Honky Tonk Queen - Thornton, Larry
  12. 12. I Wanta Be Free - Harlene, Evelyn with Casey Cla
  13. 13. Lost John - Clark, Casey & The Lazy Ranc
  14. 14. Drinkin' Wine - Pullen, Whitey
  15. 15. Climbing This Mountain - Fields, Goldie
  16. 16. Sadie Mae - York, Rusty
  17. 17. Hey Baby - Gabbard, Harley & Aubrey Holt
  18. 18. Love, Come Back To Me - Patton, Jimmy
  19. 19. Chatterbox - Fields, Goldie
  20. 20. Knockin' My Head (Against A .. - Lile, Bobby
  21. 21. Moonshine Liquor - Pullen, Whitey
  22. 22. Cotton Pickin' Ball - Williams, Charlie
  23. 23. Crazy, Crazy Baby - Howard, Chuck
  24. 24. Old Jealous Moon - Fields, Goldie
  25. 25. Never No More - Wally & Don
  26. 26. History - King, Joannie
  27. 27. So Wild Over You - Smith, Herbie
  28. 28. Everybody's Rockin' - Pullen, Whitey
  29. 29. Tennessee Hound Dog - Atchison, Tex
  30. 30. White Line - Morris, Jack & His Night Owls
  31. 31. Open Up The Door - Dean, Eddie & Joannie Hall
  32. 32. So What - Deal, Don
  33. 33. Please Don't - Wally & Don
  34. 34. Playing Guitar And Missing You - Williams, Charlie

Title: "That'll Flat Git It VOL27"
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