Arkansas Rockers - Roy Moss & Friends - 50's Rockabilly Comp CDs, 33RD STREET

Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Arkansas Rockers - Roy Moss & Friends - 50's Rockabilly Comp CDs, 33RD STREET

Arkansas Rockers - Roy Moss & Friends - 50's Rockabilly Comp CDs, 33RD STREET

Arkansas Rockers - Roy Moss & Friends - 50's Rockabilly Comp CDs, 33RD STREET

Roy Moss & Friends
"Arkansas Rockers"

Nicknamed “The Natural State” for its largely unspoilt tracts of dense forest and timberlands, the mountainous areas of the Ozarks and Ouachitas, lush river valleys and rich alluvial plains, Arkansas was named by the Quapaw tribe and, in the Algonquian tongue, translates to “land of downriver people”. Smack dab in the centre of the southern states, Arkansas is surrounded by Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma, and the mighty Mississippi River delineates most of the state’s Eastern boundary, while Little Rock, the state capital and most populous city, sits squarely in the middle.
Well placed for picking up the first rumblings of rockabilly from both Tennessee and Texas, Arkansas artists were responsible for some of the earliest examples of hillbilly rock ‘n’ roll, even though they usually needed to travel to Memphis, Nashville, Cincinnati or, even, Chicago to record at first. Our leading man on this trawl through Arkansas’ finest rockers is “Mr Action” - Roy Moss..
1 Roy Moss - You Nearly Lose Your Mind
2 Roy Moss - You're My Big Baby Now
3 Roy Moss - You Don't Know My Mind
4 Roy Moss - Corrine Corrina
5 Roy Moss with Cliff Allen's Band - Yes Juanita's Mine
6 Roy Moss with Cliff Allen's Band - Wiggle Walkin' Baby
7 Bill Riley - Is That All To The Ball (Mr Hall)
8 The Thunderbirds - Flying Saucers
9 Bill Riley - Rockin' On The Moon
10 Bobby Lee Trammell - My Susie J-My Susie Jane
11 Teddy Redell - Knocking On The Back Side
12 Jimmy Ford - You're Gonna' Be Sorry
13 Jimmy Williams - I Belong To You
14 Montie Jones & The Revin Robbin's - Moonshine
15 Gene Stacks - I Know (My Baby Loves Me)
16 Bobby Lee Trammell - Shirley Lee
17 Teddy Redell - Gold Dust
18 Sonny Deckelman & The Blue Notes - I've Got Love
19 Alton Guyon & his Boogie Blues Boys - Bop Bobby Socks Bop
20 Buddy Phillips with The Rockin' Ramblers - Coffee Baby
21 Little Montie Jones - You're Just That Kind
22 Larry Donn - Honey-Bun
23 Buddy Killen - Whatcha Gonna Do Tomorrow?
24 Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
25 Jimmy WIlliams - You're Always Late
26 Johnny Moore with Jimmy Haggett's Band - Country Girl
27 Sonny Deckelman - Born To Lose
28 Mike McAlister - I Don't Dig It
29 Don Head - Goin' Strong
30 Bobby Lee Trammell - I Sure Do Love You Baby
31 Bobby Brown - Please Please Baby
32 Five Spots featuring Don Glenn - Get WIth It
33 Bill Reeder - Till I Waltz Again With You
34 Hank Swatley - Oakie Boogie
35 Chuck Brooks & The Sharpies - Spinning My Wheels

Artist: Roy Moss & Friends
Title: "Arkansas Rockers"
Label: 33RD STREET
Condition: New
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