Just About As Good As It Gets! - LITTLE RICHARD - 50's Artists & Groups CD, SMITH & CO

Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Just About As Good As It Gets! - LITTLE RICHARD - 50's Artists & Groups CD, SMITH & CO

Just About As Good As It Gets! - LITTLE RICHARD - 50's Artists & Groups CD, SMITH & CO

Just About As Good As It Gets! - LITTLE RICHARD - 50's Artists & Groups CD, SMITH & CO

"Just About As Good As It Gets!"

1-01         –Little Richard & His Band*  Ready Teddy

1-02         –Little Richard & His Band*  Good Golly Miss Molly

1-03         –Little Richard & His Band*  Slippin’ and Slidin’

1-04         –Little Richard & His Band*  Lucille

1-05         –Little Richard & His Band*  Keep a Knockin’

1-06         –Little Richard & His Band*  Rip it Up

1-07         –Little Richard & His Band*  Hey Hey Hey Hey

1-08         –Little Richard & His Band*  The Girl Can’t Help it

1-09         –Little Richard & His Band*  Jenny Jenny

1-10         –Little Richard & His Band*  Long Tall Sally

1-11         –Little Richard & His Band*  Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave

1-12         –Little Richard & His Band*  By the Light of the Silvery Moon

1-13         –Little Richard & His Band*  I Got It

1-14         –Little Richard & His Band*  True Fine Mama

1-15         –Little Richard & His Band*  Miss Ann

1-16         –Little Richard & His Band*  Send me Some Lovin’

1-17         –Little Richard & His Band*  Chicken Little Baby

1-18         –Little Richard & His Band*  Tutti Frutti

1-19         –Little Richard & His Band*  She’s Got It

1-20         –Little Richard & His Band*  Baby

1-21         –Little Richard & His Band*  Heeby-Jeebies

1-22         –Little Richard & His Band*  Shake A Hand

1-23         –Little Richard & His Band*  All Around the World

1-24         –Little Richard & His Band*  Baby Face

1-25         –Little Richard & His Band*  Ooh My Soul

1-26         –Little Richard & His Band*  I’ll Never Let You Go

1-27         –Little Richard & His Band*  She Knows How to Rock

1-28         –Little Richard & His Band*  Directly From my Heart

1-29         –Little Richard & His Band*  Early One Morning

1-30         –Little Richard & His Band*  All Night Long

1-31         –Little Richard & His Band*  I’m Just a Lonely Guy

1-32         –Little Richard & The Upsetters           Valley of Tears

1-33         –Little Richard & The Upsetters           Freedom Ride

1-34         –Little Richard & The Upsetters           Long Tall Sally (Recorded Live in Australia)


2-01         –Little Richard       Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

2-02         –Little Richard       Oh Why

2-03         –Little Richard       Kansas City

2-04         –Little Richard       He Got What He Wanted (But He Lost What He Had)

2-05         –Little Richard       Little Richard’s Boogie

2-06         –Little Richard       Get Rich Quick

2-07         –Little Richard       I Brought It All On Myself

2-08         –Little Richard       Every Hour

2-09         –Little Richard       Joy Joy Joy (Down in my Heart)

2-10         –Little Richard       I Love My Baby

2-11         –Little Richard       Always

2-12         –Little Richard       Taxi Blues

2-13         –Little Richard       Please Have Mercy On Me

2-14         –Little Richard       Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’

2-15         –Little Richard       Rice, Red Beans and Turnip Greens

2-16         –Christine Kittrell   Call His Name

Featuring, Piano – Little Richard

2-17         –Little Richard       Fool At The Wheel

2-18         –Little Richard       Ain’t That Good News

2-19         –Little Richard       Maybe I’m Right

2-20         –Christine Kittrell   Every Night In The Week

Featuring, Piano – Little Richard

2-21         –Little Richard       He Got What He Wanted (Alt LP Take)

2-22         –Little Richard       Why Did You Leave Me

2-23         –Little Richard       Ride On King Jesus

2-24         –Christine Kittrell Lord Have Mercy (I’m so Lonely)

Featuring, Piano – Little Richard

2-25         –Robert ‘Bumps’ Blackwell*  Sumpin’ Jumpin’

Featuring, Piano – Little Richard

2-26         –Little Richard       Get Rich Quick (Alternative Take)

2-27         –Little Richard       I Love My Baby (Alternative Take)

2-28         –Little Richard       Do Lord

2-29         –Little Richard & The Upsetters           Every Night About This Time

2-30         –Little Richard & The Upsetters           I’m In Love Again

Title: "Just About As Good As It Gets!"
Label: SMITH & CO
Condition: NEW
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