Country & Western Hit Parade 1956 - various - HILLBILLY VINYL, BEAR FAMILY

Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Country & Western Hit Parade 1956 - various - HILLBILLY VINYL, BEAR FAMILY

Country & Western Hit Parade 1956 - various - HILLBILLY VINYL, BEAR FAMILY

Country & Western Hit Parade 1956 - various - HILLBILLY VINYL, BEAR FAMILY

"Country & Western Hit Parade 1956"

  1. After the volumes covering 1945-1955 were released, the word was out. This series is definitive, fabulously packaged, and faultlessly remastered! Everything you'd expect from Bear Family...and more! - Jack Clement, who produced Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, and many others, said, 'This is the best country series of all time. No doubt. No question.' Robert Hilburn in the 'Los Angeles Times' said, 'An invaluable album project...enables fans to step back in time and listen to the radio just like Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, and Bob Dylan did.' -- Now the story continues from 1956 until 1960. Every CD is generously full. Every booklet is extensive and chocked full of rare photos and illustrations, as well as complete stories behind the songs! - In addition to the hits, the series contains rarities that went on to influence country music...and all the years ahead, like Wanda Jackson's original version of Silver Threads And Golden Needles, Carl Belew's original Lonely Street, and Chet Atkins' influential Walk, Don't Run. This series is designed to introduce new listeners to the very best that country music has to offer... while keeping longtime fans entertained. Every volume is a fabulous time capsule. -- Here's the story. For many years, we'd received requests to do a truly definitive country series, but it wasn't until the success of our year-by-year R&B/Soul series, 'Blowin' The Fuse' (now 'Sweet Soul Music' and soon to be continued into the Funk era) that we decided we needed to do something comparable for country music. The first volumes of 'Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music' took us from 1945-1955, and now the story continues into the era of the Nashville Sound. - The series has been compiled with today's fans in mind. Sure, the big hits are there, but so are the classic performances that weren't necessarily hits at the time, but became influential in the years ahead. Every volume has incredibly detailed behind-the-scenes stories, fabulously rare photos, and an ongoing history of country music set against the backdrop of the broader American music business. The booklets alone are 72 pages! Definitive You bet! -- Superlatives are often overused, but we feel that this series is part of our mission to bring this incredible music to new fans ... as well as entertaining older fans. We pick up the story in 1956....just as country music was coming to terms with the upset of rock 'n' roll!
  2. 1. Singing The Blues - Robbins, Marty
  3. 2. You Don't Know Me - Arnold , Eddy
  4. 3. Crazy Arms - Price, Ray
  5. 4. Lonely Street - Belew, Carl
  6. 5. Folsom Prison Blues - Cash, Johnny – Tennessee Two
  7. 6. Sweet Dreams - Young, Faron
  8. 7. Honky Tonk Man - Horton, Johnny
  9. 8. Conscience I'm Guilty - Snow, Hank
  10. 9. What Am I Worth - Jones, George
  11. 10. A Poor Man's Riches - Barnes, Benny
  12. 11. I Take The Chance - Edward, Jim and Maxine Brown a
  13. 12. I Don't Believe You've Met M.. - Brothers, Louvin
  14. 13. Ruby, Are You Mad - Osborne Brothers, The and Red
  15. 14. I Know You're Married - Reno, Don & Red Smiley
  16. 15. Eat, Drink And Be Merry - Wagoner, Porter
  17. 16. Yes I Know Why - Pierce, Webb
  18. 17. I Walk The Line - Cash, Johnny – Tennessee Two
  19. 18. I'm A One Woman Man - Horton, Johnny
  20. 19. Silver Threads And Golden Ne.. - Jackson , Wanda
  21. 20. The Blackboard Of My Heart - Thompson, Hank
  22. 21. I've Got A New Heartache - Price, Ray
  23. 22. Just One More - Jones, George
  24. 23. Cash On The Barrelhead - Brothers, Louvin
  25. 24. Waltz Of The Angels - Stewart, Wynn
  26. 25. According To My Heart - Reeves, Jim
  27. 26. Searching (For Someone Else) - Wells, Kitty
  28. 27. I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too .. - Robbins, Marty
  29. 28. These Hands - Snow, Hank
  30. 29. Who Will Buy The Wine - Mize, Billy
  31. 30. Dixie Fried - Perkins, Carl

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Title: "Country & Western Hit Parade 1956"
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