Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. BRITISH HIT PARADE 1960 PART 2 - VARIOUS - 1950'S COMPILATIONS CDs, FANTASTIC VOYAGE




cd 1
  1. Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)
  2. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Brian Hyland)
  3. When Will I Be Loved (The Everly Brothers)
  4. Paper Roses (The Kaye Sisters)
  5. Never Let Go (John Barry & His Orchestra)
  6. If She Could Come To You (La Montana) (Anthony Newley)
  7. Dirty, Dirty Feeling [from Elvis Is Back LP] (Elvis Presley)
  8. Because They're Young (Duane Eddy)
  9. Is A Blue Bird Blue (Conway Twitty)
  10. Romantica (Jane Morgan)
  11. Alley-Oop (The Hollywood Argyles)
  12. Banjo Boy (Jan & Kjeld)
  13. Another Sleepless Night (Jimmy Clanton)
  14. Walking To New Orleans (Fats Domino)
  15. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (Rolf Harris)
  16. Angela Jones (Johnny Ferguson)
  17. Apache (The Shadows)
  18. Quatermassters Stores (The Shadows)
  19. Come Back Again (Anne Shelton)
  20. Mustafa - Cha Cha Cha Oriental (Staiffi & His Mustafas)
  21. Mais Oui (The King Brothers)
  22. Starbright (Johnny Mathis)
  23. Consider Yourself (Max Bygraves)
  24. Papa Loves Mama (Joan Regan)
  25. Happy Go Lucky Me (George Formby)
  26. Banjo Boy (George Formby)
  27. Talking Army Blues (Josh MacRae)
  28. Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel) (Roy Orbison)
  29. The Girl Of My Best Friend (Elvis Presley)
  30. A Mess Of Blues (Elvis Presley)

cd 2

  1. As Long As He Needs Me (Shirley Bassey)
  2. The Old Oaken Bucket (Tommy Sands)
  3. Step By Step (Steve Perry)
  4. Apache (Bert Weedon)
  5. Banjo Boy (Valerie Masters)
  6. Please Help Me, I'm Falling (Hank Locklin)
  7. Feel So Fine (Johnny Preston)
  8. I'm Starting To Go Steady (Johnny Preston)
  9. The Train Of Love (Alma Cogan)
  10. Ain't Gonna Be That Way (Marv Johnson)
  11. Oh! What A Day (Craig Douglas)
  12. Because They're Young (James Darren)
  13. Mule Skinner Blues (Rusty Draper)
  14. Please Help Me I'm Falling (The Brook Brothers)
  15. Everybody's Somebody's Fool (Connie Francis)
  16. Blueberry Hill (John Barry & His Orchestra)
  17. Listen Little Girl (Keith Kelly)
  18. White Cliffs Of Dover (Acker Bilk (as Mr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band))
  19. Theme From 'The Apartment' (Ferrante & Teicher)
  20. Girls, Girls, Girls (Steve Lawrence)
  21. Mule Skinner Blues (The Fendermen)
  22. Image Of A Girl (Mark Wynter)
  23. Lorelei (Lonnie Donegan)
  24. I'd Do Anything (Mike Preston)
  25. Going Back To My Home Town (Hal Paige & The Whalers)
  26. Tell Laura I Love Her (Ricky Valance)
  27. Volare (Bobby Rydell)
  28. Them There Eyes (Emile Ford & The Checkmates)
  29. Little Boy Lost (Michael Holliday)
  30. I Just Go For You (Jimmy Jones)
  31. Walk Don't Run (The Ventures)

cd 3

  1. Let's Have A Party (Wanda Jackson)
  2. You Mean Everything To Me (Neil Sedaka)
  3. Nice 'N' Easy (Frank Sinatra)
  4. Image Of A Girl (Nelson Keene)
  5. McDonald's Cave (The Piltdown Men)
  6. Let's Think About Living (Bob Luman)
  7. White Silver Sands (Bill Black's Combo)
  8. Broken Doll (Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers)
  9. Walk Don't Run (John Barry Seven)
  10. (You Were Made For) All My Love (Jackie Wilson)
  11. How About That! (Adam Faith)
  12. Hello Young Lovers (Paul Anka)
  13. Caribbean Honeymoon (Frank Weir & His Orchestra)
  14. Nine Times Out Of Ten (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)
  15. So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad) (The Everly Brothers)
  16. Lucille (The Everly Brothers)
  17. The Twist (Chubby Checker)
  18. Fish Man (Ian Menzies)
  19. Jet Black Machine (Vince Taylor)
  20. I'll Be Your Hero (Vince Taylor)
  21. Wondrous Place (Billy Fury)
  22. Kookie Little Paradise (Frankie Vaughan)
  23. Ee-O-Eleven (Sammy Davis Jr)
  24. Passing Breeze (Russ Conway)
  25. Chain Gang (Sam Cooke)
  26. Gotta Get A Date (Frank Ifield)
  27. Sweetie Pie (Eddie Cochran)
  28. Tell Laura I Love Her (Ray Peterson)
  29. Dreamin' (Johnny Burnette)

cd 4

  1. Rocking Goose (Johnny & The Hurricanes)
  2. Restless (Johnny Kidd & The Pirates)
  3. How High The Moon (Part 1) (Ella Fitzgerald)
  4. My Love For You (Johnny Mathis)
  5. Never On Sunday (Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains)
  6. Happy-Go-Lucky Blues (Tommy Steele)
  7. My Little Corner Of The World (aka In My Little Corner Of The World) (Anita Bryant)
  8. Kiddio (Brook Benton)
  9. Never On Sunday (Don Costa)
  10. Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rocking Chair) (Miki & Griff)
  11. Sunday Date (The Fleerekkers)
  12. Shortnin' Bread (The Viscounts (UK))
  13. Four Little Heels (Brian Hyland)
  14. Never On Sunday (Lyn Cornell)
  15. Top Teen Baby (Garry Mills)
  16. Along Came Caroline (Michael Cox)
  17. Learning The Game (Buddy Holly)
  18. I Want To Be Wanted (Brenda Lee)
  19. Never On Sunday (Makadopoulos & His Greek Serenaders)
  20. Milord (Frankie Vaughan)
  21. Obsession (Reg Owen & His Orchestra)
  22. Four Little Heels (The Avons)
  23. Sorry Robbie (Bert Weedon)
  24. Never On Sunday (Chaquito & His Orchestra)
  25. Lonely (Eddie Cochran)
  26. Mr Custer (Charlie Drake)
  27. My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own (Connie Francis)
  28. Don't Be Cruel (Bill Black's Combo)

cd 5

  1. Save The Last Dance For Me (The Drifters)
  2. Blue Angel (Roy Orbison)
  3. Today's Teardrops (Roy Orbison)
  4. It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio) (Elvis Presley)
  5. Three Nights A Week (Fats Domino)
  6. Kommotion (Duane Eddy)
  7. Il Nostro Concerto (Umberto Bindi)
  8. Goodness Gracious Me (Peter Sellers)
  9. Man Of Mystery (The Shadows)
  10. The Stranger (The Shadows)
  11. Just As Much As Ever (Nat "King" Cole)
  12. Kickin' Up The Leaves (Mark Wynter)
  13. Ready For Love (Jimmy Jones)
  14. Little Donkey (Nina & Frederik)
  15. Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop) (Adam Faith)
  16. One Of The Lucky Ones (Joan Regan)
  17. Ol' Mac Donald (Frank Sinatra)
  18. Wild Side Of Life (Josh MacRae)
  19. Lively (Lonnie Donegan & His Group)
  20. I Believe (David Whitfield)
  21. Even More Party Pops (Russ Conway)
  22. Ain't She Sweet
  23. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
  24. Yes, We Have No Bananas
  25. Strawberry Fair (Anthony Newley)
  26. A Boy Without A Girl (Anthony Newley)
  27. Gurney Slade (Max Harris)
  28. Georgia On My Mind (Ray Charles)
  29. I Love You (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)
  30. D In Love (Cliff Richard & The Shadows)
  31. Perfidia (The Ventures)

cd 6

  1. Poetry In Motion (Johnny Tillotson)
  2. Counting Teardrops (Emile Ford & The Checkmates)
  3. Deep Feeling (Mike Sagar & The Cresters)
  4. Charming Billy (Johnny Preston)
  5. Time Will Tell (Ian Gregory)
  6. Shoppin' Around (Elvis Presley)
  7. Black Stockings (John Barry Seven)
  8. Virgin Mary (Lonnie Donegan)
  9. Buona Sera (Acker Bilk (as Mr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band))
  10. Sway (Bobby Rydell)
  11. Why, Why, Bye, Bye (Bob Luman)
  12. Like Strangers (The Everly Brothers)
  13. You Talk Too Much (Johnny Carson)
  14. Donald Where's Your Troosers? (Andy Stewart)
  15. Portrait Of My Love (Matt Monro)
  16. Little White Berry (Roy Castle)
  17. Togetherness (Mike Preston)
  18. Strawberry Blonde (The Band Rocked On) (Frank D'rone)
  19. Alone At Last (Jackie Wilson)
  20. Little Girl (Marty Wilde)
  21. Onward Christian Soldiers (The Harry Simeone Chorale)
  22. Blue-Eyed Boy (Al Saxon)
  23. Till (Tony Bennett)
  24. Let's Slip Away (Cleo Laine)
  25. Pepe (Russ Conway)
  26. Let's (Sarah Vaughan)
  27. Serenata (Sarah Vaughan)
  28. It's You That I Love (Marion Ryan)
  29. Ten Swingin' Bottles (Peter Chester & The Consulates)
  30. Must Be Santa (Tommy Steele)

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