Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings - PLATTERS - DOOWOP CDs, FANTASTIC VOYAGE

Rebound Records - Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Doo-Wop and Rhythm & Blues. Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings - PLATTERS - DOOWOP CDs, FANTASTIC VOYAGE

Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings - PLATTERS - DOOWOP CDs, FANTASTIC VOYAGE

Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings - PLATTERS - DOOWOP CDs, FANTASTIC VOYAGE

"Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings"

This 3CD set is the first mid-priced collection ever to bring together the very best of the Platters’ releases from their most successful period, 1955 to 1960, including 33 US Pop Top 100 singles and the best of the album sides and European 45s.Meticulously compiled, and annotated by leading vocal group writer Marv Goldbeg, ‘Only You’ is quite simply the only Platters collection you will ever need.

cd 1

  1. Only You And You Alone (The Platters)
  2. Bark Battle And Bawl (The Platters)
  3. The Great Pretender (The Platters)
  4. I'm Just A Dancing Partner (The Platters)
  5. (You've Got) The Magic Touch (The Platters)
  6. Winner Take All (The Platters)
  7. The Glory Of Love (The Platters)
  8. Why Should I (The Platters)
  9. Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered (The Platters)
  10. Have Mercy (The Platters)
  11. At Your Beck And Call (The Platters)
  12. My Prayer (The Platters)
  13. Heaven On Earth (The Platters)
  14. You'll Never Never Know (The Platters)
  15. It Isn't Right (The Platters)
  16. I Give You My Word (The Platters)
  17. Heart Of Stone (The Platters)
  18. September In The Rain (The Platters)
  19. I'll Get By As Long As I Have You (The Platters)
  20. Take Me In Your Arms (The Platters)
  21. In The Still Of The Night (The Platters)
  22. You Can Depend On Me (The Platters)
  23. I Don't Know Why (The Platters)
  24. On My Word Of Honor (The Platters)
  25. One In A Million (The Platters)
  26. I'm Sorry (The Platters)
  27. He's Mine (The Platters)
  28. My Dream (The Platters)
  29. I Wanna (The Platters)
  30. Mean To Me (The Platters)

cd 2

  1. No Power On Earth (The Platters)
  2. Love, You Funny Thing (The Platters)
  3. In The Middle Of Nowhere (The Platters)
  4. Time And Tide (The Platters)
  5. Darktown Strutters' Ball (The Platters)
  6. Oh Promise Me (The Platters)
  7. Don't Forget (The Platters)
  8. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (The Platters)
  9. Sweet Sixteen (The Platters)
  10. Only Because (The Platters)
  11. The Mystery Of You (The Platters)
  12. Helpless (The Platters)
  13. Indiff'rent (The Platters)
  14. Goodnight Sweetheart It's Time To Go (The Platters)
  15. My Serenade (The Platters)
  16. For The First Time Come Prima (The Platters)
  17. Try A Little Tenderess (The Platters)
  18. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (The Platters)
  19. But Not Like You (The Platters)
  20. Don't Blame Me (The Platters)
  21. Sleepy Time Gal (The Platters)
  22. That Old Feeling (The Platters)
  23. Don't Let Go (The Platters)
  24. Are You Sincere (The Platters)
  25. Twilight Time (The Platters)
  26. Out Of My Mind (The Platters)
  27. You're Making A Mistake (The Platters)
  28. My Old Flame (The Platters)
  29. I Wish (The Platters)
  30. It's Raining Outside (The Platters)

cd 3

  1. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (The Platters)
  2. No Matter What You Are (The Platters)
  3. Somebody Loves Me (The Platters)
  4. Prisoner Of Love (The Platters)
  5. Thanks For The Memory (The Platters)
  6. I'll Never Smile Again R&B (The Platters)
  7. My Blue Heaven (The Platters)
  8. Enchanted (The Platters)
  9. The Sound And The Fury (The Platters)
  10. Remember When UK (The Platters)
  11. Love Of A Lifetime (The Platters)
  12. Where (The Platters)
  13. Wish It Were Me (The Platters)
  14. My Secret (The Platters)
  15. What Does It Matter (The Platters)
  16. Moonlight On The Colorado (The Platters)
  17. On A Slow Boat To China (The Platters)
  18. Reflections In The Water (The Platters)
  19. Harbor Lights (The Platters)
  20. Sleepy Lagoon (The Platters)
  21. Ebb Tide (The Platters)
  22. (I ll Be With You In) Apple Blossom Time (The Platters)
  23. Red Sails In The Sunset (The Platters)
  24. Sad River (The Platters)
  25. To Each His Own (The Platters)
  26. Down The River Of Golden Dreams (The Platters)
  27. If I Didn't Care (The Platters)
  28. True Love (The Platters)

Title: "Heaven On Earth: The Classic Mercury Recordings"
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